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Drecomatts Limited Services

We offer the following services and sale of items, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Repair, Calibration, Advisory and Training on water & Environmental Equipment, and Chemical and sale of supporting items.

Borehole Drilling Services

Drecomatts Limited is dedicated to providing access to clean enough and water needs and ensuring safe and clean water for human consumption. We have modern types of equipment to deliver professional works to both individual and large institutions.

Drecomatts borehole drilling services are pocket-friendly. We carefully listen to your needs, perform surveys and share a competitive quotation.

Our Services Include:

  • Borehole prognosis drilling services
  • Water connection and supply services,
  • Ground source and pumping testing.
  • Hydro-Geological surveys and ground testing.
  • Borehole drilling and maintenance
  • Water pumps & water towers installation.
  • Swimming pool construction

Laboratory Material Testing Equipments

DRECO-MATTS laboratory equipment supplies exploration equipment, materials, and tools for Minerals survey including Oil and Gas offer technical support solutions to individuals businesses, companies and NGOs, and government institutions.

Drecomatt’s focus is to offer innovative, focused on continuous technology and product development to meet the requirements of high technical standards and those of the customers in East Africa.

Our supplies equipment list for field soil tests includes:

  • Drill Penetration Test
  • Cone Penetration Test
  • Flat and Screw Plate Test
  • Vane Test
  • Flat Dilatometer Test
  • Cutting Ring Test Test molds
  • Penetrometer probes
  • Plate loaders sets
  • Hydraulic Presses etc.

Technical Support & Repairs

We offer after-sale service and general technical support, this includes equipment parts replacement.

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Geophysical Tools

Laboratory Equipments

Oil & Gas Equipments

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